Breakdown/Meltdown--"Down" being the key word

A quick post because I really should be taking care of all the work I have to do. However, I feel compelled to write an entry.

I've had a really stressful week. I think the strain is beginning to show. The "emotional toll" so to speak, that everything has been taking on me.

I can't speak to people around here because they don't know me very well and start freaking out: "you sound...de...pressed..." LYLT's response: grimaces a smile "Nono..."(and I end up trying to reassure them so they stop looking at me like I'm some freak).

Tonight I broke down in tears in front of everyone in my house during one of your weekly house meetings. We were discussing some rather inconsequential issue with which I had a minor problem...and the more I spoke, the less I could say...until I was nearly choking the tears back--and then I couldn't stop them.

I really guess I just can't take the pressure. Buying into that whole tripe saying, I should just get out of the kitchen--but I can't seem to find a door or a window.

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