I was in the car with my sister today, when she put this song on, "Run" by Collective Soul. I'd heard it before, but it spoke to me more, now.

Are these times contagious
I’ve never been this bored before
Is this the prize I’ve waited for
Now with the hours passing
There’s nothing left here to insure
I long to find a messenger

Have I got a long way to run
Have I got a long way to run
Yeah, I run

Is there a cure among us
From this processed sanity
I weaken with each voice that sings
Now, in this world of purchase
I’m going to buy back memories
To awaken some old qualities

My mom got back into town today. I saw her and listened to her argue with my dad on her cell phone for what seemed like forever. After listening to her yell at me, then yell at him...I left the room to try and figure a way out.

No way out.

Ahaha. I came back home. Engaged in a number of disconsolate IM conversations...and went to bed.

I so yearn for a close friend I could go to. Someone I could literally lean on. I'm tired of standing alone. Someone I could talk to about everything on my mind. Not just the stupid ambiguity of a blog (though, it helps)...

I wish I could just grab on to someone, tell them what I think, what I feel, what is bothering me, without being judged...without fear of being judged.

Someone asked me today if I prayed a lot. I told them, "I hope a lot."

I certainly do.

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