Hello to everybody from Gulfport, Mississippi. My absence from the blog is not unusual, but this time, there's a perfectly good reason. I'm helping with Hurricane Katrina rebuilding along the Gulf Coast, specifically rebuilding houses in Biloxi, which was hit directly by the counterclockwise-running hurricane.

I'll post later with the details of what I saw, but let's just say, you have to see it to believe it. There are tons of groups (mostly faith-based) volunteering here, doing demolding, debris-clearing, construction...it's so wonderful to see the interfaith effort. Our group is doing roofs, we're clearing them off, putting on felt paper, reshingling...it's hard work, but very fulfilling.

The people here are amazing. Many of them are very old and very poor...and they're so strong. I really admire them. Despite the worries about rezoning (which may seem to make our efforts later obsolete--will elaborate later if you haven't been following the news..), we are not only building roofs here. We are, quite honestly, giving people back hope in the rebuilding of their lives. Despite environmental, labor, money concerns...this is the most important thing, and I am very glad to have any small hand in it.

Up at 6:15 a.m. tomorrow, for an early start. I'll post more later.

Over 'n out.

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