Have had the most pointless day. Yes, so pointless, in fact, that the "I" in the previous sentence gets left out.

Did you know that my life is not big enough for more than one ipod? Who has two ipods? Well, I did, a shuffle and a regular one. Though I did not buy them both. Heavens no. I would have probably bought from a different company the second time around.

Anyway, this ipod shuffle is off on campus right now...whatever lucky person finds it...My ipod shuffle came back fully repaired from Apple about a week ago. The day it arrived, my ipod "photo" broke. $35 and a pickup later, my ipod was off at Applesville, getting fixed. Bastards. Then, of course, this ipod shuffle disappears because I am a stupid klutz...and well, the ipod "photo" arrives today too. Fancy that.

But you know what? I lost my headphones too.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with myself. Why do I constantly lose and break everything. Actually, anything of value that I do not lose, you can count on me to break. Good friends of mine have seen the dangers of getting too close. I break their umbrellas, doorbell, toilet (that was embarassing), stair bannister, jewelry, family heirlooms...I'm sure there is more.

At least with myself, I'm just wreaking havoc on my own.

But like I said, sometimes I get frustrated, very frustrated.

When I was younger--okay, like two years ago--I would let these things really get to me. Every time I lost something I would flip out, overreact...I mean, these things happened to me all the time. I would go dramatic, ask...why me?! and clench my fists up toward the heavens, grimacing, half-hunched over...

Then, on my birthday last year I got stuck in an elevator in my building after plummeting a couple floors. The elevator was about eh...coffin-size, and I was late for class. When it happened, something in me just relented. Okay, you win. I accepted it. I sat down on the floor there and read Rousseau. 30 minutes later the people got me out.

I take things a little more in stride now. When I lost my ipod today, I just sat in class, inwardly slightly turmoiled, but I had a midterm review going on. I had to try and focus.

Of course, when I started feeling nauseous, after stiffing it out for 30 minutes, I had to ask to be excused. But that's health related. Really.

Then, after all that, I went home to work on my scholarship application that I found out was due tomorrow. Next day delivery. That's fine. Two hours until 5 p.m. Okay.

After putting off this world's pleasure (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), for later...I finished writing my essay, and getting together all the necessities. 45 minutes until 5 p.m. I had to make copies of everything, print out documents, fill out the application and get down to the post office. Of course, my printer not only jammed, but ran out of ink.

10 minutes later--I get my housemate to kindly allow me to use his printer. Which also jams.

5 minutes later--Done printing. By the grace of G-d.

Okay, 30 minutes to go until the post office closes. I dash out of my house and go make copies. 15 minutes left. I'm filling out the last of the application...everything else is done...and guess what I see, at the end, in tiny type? You must be a student registered with 12 units for the 2006-7 school year.


That could have saved me a lot of trouble. Annoyed with myself I got a handful of M&Ms, called my dad, and walked back home. What a waste.

...Now I've got 24 minutes until I must cook dinner...neither enough time to sleep or, more importantly, to watch an episode of L&C. Oh bugger.

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