I wrote this a while ago. I wrote this according to the writing prompt: "You have stayed too long."

I thought it was appropriate to post now.

A familiar sensation

She was in the next room. Idly chatting away. Exuding the newfound joy she felt in her life. Her disgust with me. Her distaste for our friendship--washed away like the tears that had poured down her face. And mine.

She saw me come in. Turned around in her chair. Face frozen in position, hands scattering over the keyboard, looking for the mouse, closing the windows, hiding the phone. I was an intruder. In her room. In her life. She saw me come in and closed all the windows.

I tried to speak about it to her. To open my heart and my soul--to explain it all. Deep friendship does not die easy. But the look was gone from her eyes. The investment elsewhere. Care worn.

I had stayed too long.

I wish I hadn't.

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