A conversation:

LYDLT(10:59:40 PM): that you are not there for me when i'm going through this, and then you just ask me out of your own (perhaps perverse) curiosity...after not speaking to me at all...and have me just go through, like a shopping list how my life and my family has been torn into shreds
LYDLT(10:59:43 PM): go watch tv.
LYDLT(10:59:58 PM): if that's what u want
EBF(11:14:24 PM): you will never have good friends unless you learn to see good in people. rather i know nothing about your life. i take that back. you will never be good friends with me. good luck on paper. i hope you have your true friends and find plenty more.

Auto response from LYDLT(11:14:24 PM): some things never change.

EBF signed off at 11:14:36 PM.

My away message, for once, quite fitting.

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