Carefully contained glee, or another such random heading

There's a whole set of equations people use to define things in life and how these things are going. There's also that general equation people use...you know, something mustn't be perfect. Love life going great? Well, the professional life must be lacking. Your boss hate you? Well, congrats on the wedding!

I found out this week that a friend of mine is engaged. Oh, I found out through facebook. Did I mention that? I think that was the most indignant-making (me) part of it all. But, well, otherwise, I am genuinely happy for him--which is, I think, a good thing. Or, perhaps, merely more testament to my monkish ways of late.

And yes, I say monk because I'm not even getting any from G-d! Ah, dontcha love blasphemy? Please excuse me. I think I've just become somewhat numbed to religious/political correctness (and its opposite). Today I was standing in line at the Courthouse and heard two guys talking next to me...they may very well have been spouting lines from the "Protocol of the Elders of Zion"...I was so angry, but so not, at the same time. Maybe more angry in spirit than in actuality. I wanted to say something, and hated myself for not. But, in the end, I think my reasoning won out. These guys had rap sheets...and were just finishing up parole sentences, I didn't want to prolong anything for them.


As I've been writing this singular post, my dog Winston (the only true proper noun I have no problems naming here, and yes, it's after Churchill)...has been whining his head off. I've been taking care of him recently, and feel like I've become a parent all too soon. It's draining, it's annoying, it's frustrating...but I do love him, and I feel horrible when he suffers or is in pain. And so, I try my best to control my temper and take care of him. Dammit. All. I've got to take him outside. Again.

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