Stupidity vs. Courage, Genius vs. Insanity, Dedication vs. Workaholism, Ambition vs. Obsession--and all that good stuff

How do you like my title there?

I guess the point is, I wonder if I'm selling myself short sometimes. I work because I love work, but I also wish to spend time with my family. Do I pass up a four-day weekend in order to help out at work--not only a wise move in terms of showing my dedication to a new job, but something that I think will be fun...?

But then, miss out on the fun of being with my family. The relaxation of nothingness on the day after Thanksgiving. Or rather, frenzied shopping? Hm, maybe I'm saving myself here.

I guess it's the whole grass is greener complex right. Silver lining, silver lining.

(This post brought to you by, "how many cliches can I fit into this singular posting?")

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