If there was a way to incorporate all the anguish and agony I sometimes feel into one blog post. If there was a way to unburden myself of all these emotions that collect and clog up my body--slowly working their way up my throat and through my tear ducts.

If there was a damn way to stop all this shit, to do anything of this. For certain I'd try and find it out. I'd try and do it. I'd write forever.

I've searched and searched, and worked and worked. I've tried and tried. But nothing does any of it justice.

And I don't think it's possible.

I know I'm luckier than most. I know this. I am.

I hate these b*tch and moan entries where people go on about their f*cked up lives. When [refer to starving children across globe, death, war, famine and disease] around the world.

I'm just frustrated with so many...and a lot...and so much.

G-d, let the ache go away. Make it go away.

I lost the religion in my life. But hopefully it finds me.

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