Big (sigh) breath.

Odd. It's supposed to rain today, yet it's sunny. In a way, I kind of like it when it rains, and I'm snug inside my place. It feels safe...and so cliche, huh? I bet you were just waiting for me to add the hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. Nope. Though that would be nice...

So this week has been exhausting but rewarding in a way. Less so, materialistically, but in terms of pure work and how I've helped others out, I think pretty good. That's the thing. No task big or small should ever be a problem for someone interested in the greater good of the office. And so, I'm always willing to help out, quite happily. Sometimes, I feel a little drained of energy, but in the end, I find it worth it.

That's positive, huh?

This site is kind of funny in its chronicles of my life post high school, in that, well, it's so utterly specific at certain points, and so damnably vague at other times. I'd like to rectify the situation, but there are a couple loose agents reading over my shoulder, and I need to get to a point where I don't care anymore, completely, before I start posting more specifics. For now, I'll wait for a few key undeniable circumstances to take place before I come out with news. News, however, is a-boiling. Indecision marks its slow timing.

Doesn't it always?

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