Lookin' up.

Yes, things are. Sorta. I'm still indecisive as ever, and still trying to figure things out. A world of possibilities presents itself to me however.

Although work is somewhat draining, it is incredibly fulfilling--and it makes me really appreciate life. I mean, really. As a very basic gift. Daily.

In terms of personal life, I just need to make sure now that I am doing the right things for the right reasons, with the proper principles and cares in mind. That I deal fairly and am as forthcoming as possible, or, let's say just keep things clean and straight.

J, not Jack, and M, also not Jack, as well as everyone, not Jack. Are, plainly, not Jack.

Yes, I am obsessing. But in a far better way than I used to...for I feel clear and think straight about issues now. I think my mind has finally detached, somewhat, from my heart. At least when it comes to you know who. A frekin' huge step. It's all about progress. E, for effort!

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