happy v. day?

My Valentine's day started at about 4 a.m. this morning, wait, no, actually about 3:30 a.m....thereabouts. When I woke up to screaming and yelling from the apartment next to mine. And then there was pounding, and banging, and what sounded like smacking...and things being broken...

And I heard this...all mostly from the guy:

"I'll show you"...

"Do you think I'm a p*ssy? DO YOU THINK I'M A P*SSY? DO YOU THINK I'M A P*SSY?!?!"

"What are you going to call the police?"

"Don't touch me..."


"Six years...for nothing"...

I watched from the little hole in the door, the adrenaline pulsing through my body, and my fingers wrapped around my cell--the complex security post's number already punched in.

The door kept opening and slamming, and opening and slamming, then finally, a man emerged with a big black suitcase. He walked out. I took a big breath in. Sigh.

Then I heard the suitcase drop. And he ran back. "I'll show youuu....." He said, as he stalked into the apartment again, and the banging and slamming and yelling continued...

I'd already called security when I heard the suitcase drop. And when I told them what happened, I got connected to 911 dispatch. And they sent a car out.

How was I to be sure that he wasn't beating the shit out of her. Better safe than sorry. I would not wait around any longer.

But the cops did. Geez did they take forever, and I waited around...worried, unable to sleep...

Eventually they did come, and things got sorted out. It was obvious from my neighbors' point of view that I called the cops on them, but, I suppose it was for a higher cause. In the end, he wasn't hitting her (nor her him), but instead, just destroying their apartment. They'd apparently gone out to a club, this couple, husband and wife, married for about six years...(he told the cops this was their first fight--B.S., I've heard them before, part of the reason why I was a bit frightened for her)...anyway, at the club he got jealous because some guys were looking at her, he called her a whore, and she left pissed (pun intended) in a taxi. He tried calling her, but she didn't return his call for a couple hours, and he got worried. When she returned, they had that helluva fight.

Jesus Christos.

First of all, I cannot imagine ever being with a man who said some of the filthy things that came out of that man's mouth. Period. Especially directed to (supposedly) the person he loves, enough at least to marry, but even without that...this is someone he's in a relationship with. Where is the respect?

Hearing about incidents like this. About parents calling each other names in front of their kids, hearing such violence, listening and seeing what went on there...it really makes me fear for the generation of people forming partnerships and families--if you can call them that--nowadays.

Our society has a serious problem.

A UNICEF study covered by the Los Angeles Times concluded that being a kid in the USA is comparatively worse to a handful of other wealthy developed countries. Sad to say, but I believe it.

"The United States was at the bottom in health and safety, mostly because of its high rates of child mortality and accidental deaths. It was next to last in family and peer relationships and risk-taking behavior. The U.S. has the highest proportion of children living in single-family homes, which the study defined as an indicator for increased risk of poverty and poor health, though it "may seem unfair and insensitive," it said. The U.S. was close to the bottom of the scale for children who eat and talk frequently with their families.

Children in the Netherlands, Spain and Greece said they were the happiest, and those in Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands spent the most time with their families and friends."

When I first read this I agreed wholeheartedly, and actually contemplated for a few seconds moving over to Holland later on in life. It's pretty awesome over there...Spain is cool too.

But, I think the lesson from all of this is more about embracing the key values of the study. Family, friendship, quality time...decency and morals. Maybe it's not easy, but it's pretty simple.

Happy Valentine's Day.


cp22 said...

I'm glad you called the cops. Definitely better safe and sorry, and I'm proud of you for not acting like how most other people would. That is, just wishing the problem will go away.

cp22 said...

That would be "better safe *than sorry".

Þhân†ôm said...

Wow. What a story to wake up to.