needa sleep. and so i blog.

and evidently, I'm still awake.

Which leads me to the inevitable question: to drug? Or not to drug? Wait, I made that two questions.

Well, you get my drift.

I'm feeling particularly full, and blech. Had a good night, but work is so soon.

I also feel particularly discouraged on that front. When did I lose the ability to finish what I started, to not be able to read a book, to not be able to finish an article...to not be able to write on a coherent, cohesive, and complex subject matter, without losing my mind?

Maybe this blog is not helping. (J/K)

Ugh, just sucks feeling like you suck.

I'm also wondering what exactly I want. What do I want? In life, in love, in family, in friendship, in work, in myself?

About much of these things, I have no clue. I know I'd like happiness, as most people, I am sure...but what conditions would entail and ensure this? I want all of the above, in full measure, in full success...but what are the proper ratios? How does one go about determining this? Where do you decide to strike the balance?

These are things I am still working out. Ironically, I saw the movie "Click" tonight, which really does address a lot of these ideas that I have recently been wrestling with. Yes, it was slightly corny, but I still liked it--and recommend it. In fact, I joked to EBF tonight (yes, we are friends now--more later), that the movie should be required viewing material for all workaholics, a syllabus fixture for Workaholics Anonymous.

raises hand

Step One's admitting it. Now how do I seek help?

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Þhân†ôm said...

I would say the 'work work work' thing goes hand in hand with the 'I can't sleep' thing, but one was a preexisting condition, so my hypothesis is denied.

But I'm reading too :)