That's me.

Suffice it to say that something I took somewhat for granted was compromised this week, and it's been putting an unbearable drain on me.

Though I try to ignore it--I cannot.

Nor can I write about it here.

And so I shall be bland. Life is picking up and really good. I'm almost afraid of making such a generalization, for fear that I will ruin what currently exists.

I love my job--what I do, and why I do it. I pray that I will always feel this way despite the tough times or the easy times that may come. I don't like people whose convictions are fair weather. And so, of course, I must live by example.

The past couple months have been difficult for me. It's been a serious period of adjustment and re-testing my faith in a lot of things. Happily, I feel a lot more settled. Moved in, a bit more. Making progress, a lot more. Energized. Exercised. And, well, soon to be showered.

From long term there, to short term. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Heave ho. Over 'n out.

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