Obvious yet amusing.

An interesting article in today's New York Times talks about The Whys of Mating.

An excerpt if you will:

"Scholars in antiquity began counting the ways that humans have sex, but they weren’t so diligent in cataloging the reasons humans wanted to get into all those positions. Darwin and his successors offered a few explanations of mating strategies — to find better genes, to gain status and resources — but they neglected to produce a Kama Sutra of sexual motivations.

Perhaps you didn’t lament this omission. Perhaps you thought that the motivations for sex were pretty obvious. Or maybe you never really wanted to know what was going on inside other people’s minds, in which case you should stop reading immediately."

Quite interesting. I especially found the graf that discussed reasons people gave hilarious. Additionally, the paper included links to the actual studies, the chance to participate in another study and an area to comment. Now that's interactivity.

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