It's hard to sleep. And yet. For some reason, I persist in remaining awake. I persist in surfing the Internet. I persist.

These days my heart has been a little jolty. Not the spirit of my heart, nor the essence of my heart either. Literally, my heart. Sometimes I will feel it beat rapidly for a second and then feel like it's plummeting. I worry that it's something serious. But I don't check my pulse in those microseconds, and so I have nothing other than this weird hypochondriac suspicion that something is happening to me. Something that I should be aware of.

It happened again.

This time, I felt one of those lumps in your throats...you know...one of those things, rise up from my chest into my throat for a second. What do I do about this?

I suppose I'll continue to ignore it for a bit.

In a way, after not blogging for so long, I'm blogging again--in the dark. It's interesting. Well, what with the black background, it's actually illustrative. But, you know, I did think it very unhealthy when I stopped blogging for so long. Imagine the um, well, for lack of a better term, imaginative constipation that would result.

Now, I fear, I can't write for shit.

I'm serious.

Perhaps I just take myself far to seriously and I need to loosen up a bit.

Don't we all?

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