That's what I was, "backup."

Never first. Never chest forward, but back down. After. Last one up-ped.

It was a new sensation I suppose. I mean, you know it going in, all that bullshit about the fish and the pond: big fish, small pond; small fish, big pond.

Back up.

You had to wonder about the start. The beginnings. The origins. Why the uneven ground, why double standards, why second place?

How can you backup from the start? If you're startup, can you be backup?

There's a hypocritical circularity to it all. Startup is brought in as backup. We're brought in to fix the system, then to bolster the system. Then we become part of the system, part of the problem. How is it that we're backup? Why is it that we're backup?

There's no answer to those questions here. It exists above. Back up.

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