I think I've ruined my chances at The Wall Street Journal. I'm gonna get myself fired before I'm even hired...

My editor is going crazy over this story of mine b/c I can't reach a damn freaking person here in stupid bureaucratic France...where ppl don't know any English. Ah, you say, speak French--well, there's the whole translation thing that doesn't go over very well for either person. But, then if they speak in English...they have no clue what they're saying, give contradictory facts, and screw accuracy. Will nothing ever work out for me?

My last email from my boss, after I sent him one explaining the situation above, but telling him my soul belongs to The Wall Street Journal:

"les yeux de la tete,

I find this moderately reassuring . . . But if you attached the story, it didn't survive the trip.


Yeah, and my graphic sucked because it included nothing from one designer. How? Because they nicely screwed me over by being about five days late with their information. FIVE DAYS. My editor nicely called "the list" a "disaster" for the graphics person. Wonderful...

Well, I don't really need a job with them anyway...(damn it I just want one)

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