I've been pretty hassled trying to reach this one source who won't get back to me in any timely manner whatsoever. After many apologetic emails on my part to my editor I wrote him this email...


I'm still waiting for (my source) to send in the stuff. I've called and emailed, the manager said he'd do it...I've been waiting for it for the last couple hours and if this place closes will find an Internet cafe to get the stuff at so that I can finally update the story and send it in...Sorry for the delay.


les yeux de la tete

Seriously, the story has been dragging piecemeal because of this one source I need. Anyway, it's quite frustrating...so I was really worried about the impression I was making. That's one of many emails that ended with "sorry for the delay." Anyway, he emailed me back...

"Everyone is conspiring against us. Everyone."

And I laughed my head off. Wouldn't you?
G-d I felt a little better.
Now my headaches and I'm so freakin' hungry. But, I won't make that mistake again. Last night I promised G-d I wouldn't eat...

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