Sending back and forth emails w/ subject line: "URGENT" cannot be good for my blood pressure...

I finally finished my article. 50+" PLUS art tomorrow...woohoo. =)

Today I got a message that someone signed onto my screen name at the same time I was signed on, which is very odd because I NEVER save my passwords on anything I do because I'm very freakin' paranoid about that sorta thing. Anyway, the only place I have ever is at this one account in Paris that I sometimes frequent, but they're supposedly "private" accounts...and there's no choice but to save the password there. Anyway, I changed my password. So, that's that.

I've decided my boss/editor is insane. I sent him an email asking if he could send me a copy of my article in the mail...his response?

"It's in our power."

That's it. Nothing else.

He's so freakin' sardonic. It's funny. And, when he calls me on my cell, everything he says to me, even when he identifies himself, sounds like a question. He's very odd.

A convo I had about him...

someone: Hahaha
les yeux de la tete: lol
someone: He's insane
les yeux de la tete: he's so sardonic...
someone: I love it
les yeux de la tete: hhaha
someone: I want to either become as sardonic as that or have a friend as sardonic as that
someone: dunno if I'll want to marry a sardonic man tho
les yeux de la tete: lol...yeah, i only have a boss like that :-P
les yeux de la tete: naw, sardonic marriages...eh...
les yeux de la tete: highly overrated

True dat.

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