I saw the debate.

And though people say it could be a draw, all the polls say Bush lost.

I agree. Completely. He was dismal.

I was itching to just jump into the television and debate Kerry myself...sigh. I saw it here at the UC Center, so I had to supress a few scornful scoffs, but my inability to not laugh at some things Bush did made me come off as a liberal anyway. No harm done there. Well, I hope things go better at the next debate. Because really, I'm truly frightening if Kerry (G-d forbid!) becomes the next president. Frightening out of my wits.--despite the debate.

Here's an update on my never ending struggle to get DSL at my place. Finally found out the name of the line's in some old old student, they were gonna have me do tons of paperwork to change the name to mine, and then contact the phone company and do that...which wouldn't be a problem back home, but here requires mountains of paperwork, copies, proof, etc...and weeks and weeks of processing...aka weeks of pain, agony, suffering...

So, I told the lady I didn't give a damn who's name the line was in, that the other people also don't give a damn, I'm sure, and I just want my freaking Internet before I spontaneously combust!

That was the end of that. I'll supposedly have it Oct. 7.

One additional obstacle cropped up today. I have been having anxiety attacks about receiving the package with the modem and the authorization letter...because it's in the name of my landlord, not me, and I'm worried the concierge will not give it to me. My worried turned out to be true enough. He already sent one "Internet letter" that could just be an ad, he said...to my landlords, all the way in Provence...I hope it's nothing, or I hope that it gets settled quickly. As for the package, nothing's arrived yet, though it was sent many days ago, and it seems to take less time to get a package from the United States here then to send packages within France.

Yeah, I got a package from my Michelle, my sister today. =) It totally made my day.

Anyway, the concierge said he wouldn't give me the package if it came anyway, cuz it's not in my name...so I called my landlords and left a message on their phone...I think it's their phone...and I hope they call back. Cuz, I wanna be ready for the big day...Oct. 7--when my line's finally freakin' initialized. But I can't do that if I don't have my Internet modem and haven't sent back that letter of authorization. Oh the hell of it all.

I have to say one thing to one person: I do what I do now because perhaps things are different and I've changed-hopefully for the better. It's only up to you to decide things now, I can't make you change your mind or believe something if you do. And it's absolutely ludicruous to assume things are about anything more than the two people specifically concerned in that subject. So don't. Please?

On another note, I can't find a copy of my article...I have to go to a good newsstand. Apparently they don't run full overseas sections online...dammit all. As my editor emailed me back:

"Looks like we're stiffing you."

Ah, well...no problem there. Recruiter will just think I lied to them about freelancing. Yeah, yeah, I could include the clip among my other articles, but it's my only one, and not half as good as any others (G-d willing) will be.

So, I asked my editor to send me extra copies, instead of just one...His response...again, that same dry humor:

I'll need a bigger envelope..."

Maybe it's just me. But there's something so hilariously out of place about his comments, or maybe perfectly placed about them. I could just dally in his humor all day. lol.

Anyway, last night I gave in and went back to that family's house. It's nice to be in a home. Don't worry, they actually invited me, I didn't crash or anything. They made this eggplant food there, and one of their sons doesn't like it...the parents were all like..."Tami likes it..." and he was like...(sarcastically)"Well if Tami likes it..." hehehe. I told him I was sorry. =)

I was really happy my stomahc wasn't acting as crazy, I'd been really careful at dinner. So, I was able to be a little more polite with the family and with their sons.

After dinner I hung out listening to music. It was pretty late already and I was going to leave, because I didn't want to be rude. But Lionel (that's his name), just gave me a weird look and was like...you go to bed this early? (No, I don't, it was only 12:30 a.m.) I told him I never sleep. Turn out, he doesn't either; instead he listens to music or plays Playstation.

So we ended up playing some Playstation soccer, I really wanted to do the racing game, but one of the things was missing to make it work properly. Apparently his younger sis as some knockoff imitation of DDR, or something...Anyway, the soccer game was fun, I was the United States, of course. =P

As some know, I have a lot of practicing to do, and was restraining myself from yelling out words like "Die, Damn it, Bastard, What the freeeaaak!"... Well, I got slaughtered, except for one game I tied, 0-0. I did get some shots on goal...And for one game he tried playing easy on me (the one I tied, I do believe), so that I could practice. I told him to stop. So he played hard the final game--and killed me. But hey, like I said then...if I'm going to lose, I want to lose honestly. No, tying is still losing.

Afterwards, he walked me back home. It's always a quick walk, and yet again he remarked on my speed. Honestly, I think everybody else just walks freakin' slow. =) Finally got to home sweet home, and split. My stomach started hurting me again. lol.

I'm there again tonight for Shabbat. They are so damn nice, and I always feel like I'm taking horrible advantage of their kindness and hospitality. I mean, I've been there eight or nine times for meals, all within the last week and a half or two weeks. Crazy, huh? Gosh, it's nice of people to be so kind, but sometimes I never know how I'll be able to repay them, and it's so hard to convey my true emotions in French or even my level of appreciation. They've really helped me out a lot.

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