having a very very very very bad day.

no modem yet. spoke with Neuf Telecom...may come tomorrow...Friday or Saturday (when i'll be in Bordeaux)...if no one picks it up, or if it doesn't come...I need to go to the Post Office and try and find it myself. Only thing is...it's not in my name since my landlord's paying for it (and my name's not on the phone line)...so, they probably wouldn't be able to give it to me...and, my landlord's not coming for another month.

I feel like vomiting. Really, I do.

Today I did laundry, it was very confusing...and a huge rip off. It also made me really nostalgic, b/c I remembered doing laundry at Berkeley...And every moment at the laundry place was a moment less (again, kinda like that parents thing) at the net place. Yes, the Internet is my security blanket.

Yeah, so having a very bad day. What's the worst thing? Buying a phone card, having it, being able to use it, but being unable to call anyone because everyone is asleep...because you wouldn't be able to reach them. That feeling should be outlawed. It's a very nice warm...disconnected feeling.

But, on a somewhat brighter note...(i try)...last night's even started off somewhat disastrously...I felt isolated, lonely, alienated, ridiculous, dorky and awkward...and I ended feeling somewhat humiliated but otherwise somewhat accepted...


I will probably be writing for the Sorbonne student newspaper...it will be starting up very soon. They already asked me to write one article.

Oh yeah, I met someone else who has Neuf Telecom...it took her 2 months to finally get it. TWO MONTHS! (I've been dealing specifically with this company for a little more than one month.) 10 days...bull crap!--that's how long they say the whole process takes...arseholes.

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