I should try writing about happier things. But...how come the most interesting posts seem to be the most depressing ones...is it because it's easier to identify with? Allows expression of emotions that aren't easily expressed? Perhaps I'm speaking only for myself.

In any case...remember that class I was really worried about...the Intense Language Program here, with 20 hours of French each week for a month...~80 hours French. The one where I failed my first assignment, because of mental instability (which has since passed...hopefully, lol)...and then I found out that assignment made up 1/4 my grade? Do you remember that?

Well, I got an "A" in the class. I kicked my arse for the rest of the couple weeks to make up for it. Did extra work, etc...and, for once, something paid off. It is either four or six units, Berkeley has a weird transfer system...but, either way, it will be a welcome blessing to my GPA.

I was so nervous when I was gonna find out, and my friend Luke kept messing with me. He told me after I found out that everyone he heard had gotten A+s...and I actually believed him. You've never seen a smile fade so fast...as I carefully phrased my next question...

"You mean you can get an A+?"


I feel horrible now, knowing that he was messing with me, totally walked into that trap. Why couldn't I be happy with what I had/have?

Well, I am now. Yes, I am...Althought, is it possible to get an A+ here?...

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