Well, it's been exactly three months in France today, and I finally got my visa settled, so I'm legal. You could also say I'm finally somewhat settled. Wow, it took three months...just to settle in...

Whenever I come to blog here, I always have so many thoughts swirling through my head. So many things...that I could say, so many things I don't say...because of my audience, because of myself...because I don't want to get started.

I can talk about the petty little things that happen daily, events, outings whatever...I can talk about much more immense topics that go through my head...that I constantly think about. Or I can just talk about talking about all this crap.

I feel badly for those people who cannot find any happiness in things without telling every other person about it, specifically in order to make them jealous. I have met people who base the entire enjoyment of whatever particular object, event...on the jealousy and thoughts of others. Perhaps that is why I particularly enjoy and admire Ayn Rand's philosophy. It's so pitiless, and so true.


One of my classes here has taken a sudden sexual turn, and...because of the necessary vocabulary, etc...I find it hard to participate. I found myself thanking G-d that I hadn't randomly chosen the presentation for today after the prof made us come up with clitoris as the answer to one of the questions...

Perhaps, I'm just too prudish for this class...but it's not like I don't find it interesting. It's fascinating. But, I have no urge to yell out such words to an entire class full of people.

The other day the prof used the word bander a bunch of times, metaphorically and literally. I had no clue what he meant...so I asked the girl next to me, who raised her hand and asked the prof. After which he said, "Oh, it means to get a boner, a hardon." Though I didn't ask the question, it was embarrassing enough...and I apologized profusely to the girl next to me, after class...

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