Cut my finger again. In the same exact place.

In other news...

I really should play some stock market roulette...way back in June I told my dad to buy Guidant (GDT) over Amgen. Of course, my dad bought Amgen. But, if head had bought GDT back then...well, let's just say we would have been thousands of dollars richer. It was at 52 back then...now it's at 75. Woah.

I feel somewhat happy about this vindication as well as sad. Oh well. I'm telling my dad about another stock by right now. Actually, yesterday was the first I mentioned it. Anyway, I'm gonna try and get in myself this time whether or not he moves on it. The only problem is...well...lack of funds, because buying one share is not really feasible when commission is so high, and well, it's risky...I don't have that much money to play large with my risks...So, we'll see what happens. I've been sending my dad my research in an attempt to convince him of the buy. But, at the same time, I don't wanna be held responsible for any losses if he decides to invest himself, which is why I'd so much prefer the small risks on my own...damn commissions!

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