Woke up this morning to the sound of a text message on my phone...

Was dreaming about jumping out of a bus in my pjs, with my clothes in my arms...because I'm late for something...dashing out...and then dropping everything on the "hiking-trail-looking-ish-road"...that's everything including underwear (I have no clue why I wasn't wearing any nor why I undressed on the bus and put on pajamas). Anyway, some good looking guy helped me pick up my clothing...except he started with my underwear. lol.

Tumultuous dreams. Tumultuous times.

Anyway, yeah, I sort of have the worst headache ever...like a bad hangover...except I didn't drink at all. Hmmm. I think my body is conspiring against me.

So, about those text messages. I am extraordinarily confused.

I receive a text that reads (by the way, telecom is so expensive here...everybody texts...no one calls nemore):

Coucou ma poule, comment ca va que raconte tu de beau moi pas grand chose enorme, bisous tifany qui t'adore. (Basically: Hey my dear how are you what's going on with you, nothing much for me, kisses, tifany who adores you.)

I was like. Who is Tifany? I don't have this person's number in my phone...how did they get my number? Is this a girl or a guy? Seems like a girl. Why would a girl be "adoring" me. I mean, the French are very same-sex friendly...but...eh. And she called me her poule...surely she thinks I'm someone else.

I didn't know what to say, so I sent back.

Hey! I'm well. Thanks...

"It" sent back.

It's nothing.

I sent back:

I'm sorry...but how do I know you?

"It" sent back:

I'm the sister of Sandra the sister-in-law of Damien.

I still had no freakin' clue who this person was. But, I was starting to feel bad...so, I just sent back:

Ah yes, sorry, very tired.

"It" sent back:

Ah yes, I was scared. Big kisses. Rest up. Kisses my beautiful.

I didn't message back. (Btw, kisses are like "cya" here, altho, when you add "big" and stuff to them it shows you like the person. Girls can do big kisses to each other as friends. However, the extra addition of kisses here is suspicious...)

And so, I have plenty of questions...and still no clue who this person is. Often these cell numbers are residual. For ex, one girl in my group kept getting texts from all these random ppl one day who thought it was her birthday...but it wasn't. lol.

I'm hoping these texts are from a really good looking guy who I just entirely forgot about. But somehow...I'm not so sure. I don't know a single Sandra or Damien. Or maybe I do...The fact that this person is texting the wrong person is probably unlikely after I asked who they are...because they most likely checked the number...also, they said ma belle, which is used for a girl...so...I can only come to the conclusion that it's a guy...? Or can I.

How do I get myself into these things?

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