Gosh. I'm so stupid.

Last night I nearly burn down my kitchen again...leaving a pot on the stove...again stuck to the stove. It got so bad my entire apartment lost power (I think that might be a safety feature...otherwise, it's just another thing that went wrong)...I had to fix the circuit thing. Myself.

Then tonight...I make myself something on the stove. It's like a breaded pocked pancake. It fills up with air. Anyway, I take it off the stove, while it's hot. Don't let the pancake air all back down, am holding it with my teeth, bite down accidentally, and all the hot air steams onto my lip. Burning me. OUCH. I keep imaging those girls with those huge big lip sores...I gulp down a big sip of tea on my desk and try and suck on my lip...hoping the somewhat lack of difference in temperature will help...it didn't really help at all. Now my burned, stinging lip is all swollen and white at that part. Ouch it hurts.


I took this quiz and got a pretty interesting result. What did you get?

Btw, because of the infintesimally smaller community I am cultivating here...I would love comments. Yes yes...you can make fun of me...but it gives me some sort of happiness...sad but true. I'd especially like to encourage those few who I know read my site...but have never commented. This includes Michigan kids who know me through Amy!!! =) Please...for my lip's sake...

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