I want to start this post by saying that I hope you feel better Amy. That I know exactly how you feel. Except...I was never deluded about the billions of friends. I know my place. The messed up thing was that my best-friend would constantly be upset with me because she felt she had no friends and I had a "billions" of friends (when indeed the opposite was true, and I knew this...but had to atone for my "sins" anyway)...ANYWAY, I digress. I am glad that my pitiful posts give you a little something to be happy about...I was almost gonna just completely erase the previous post...because I just got so...blech with it. But decided to finish it instead and put it up. Whatever.

Let's start today's post with a word from my French/English dictionary--

tamis: sieve, strainer; screen; riddle; bolter; passer au tamis: sift (a. fig); tamiser: sift, sieve; strain; filter; fig. soften (the light); lumiere tamisee: subdued or soft(ened) light.

We used the word in class today...and it was so weird...I love the definition of it as a "riddle"... oh yeah.

Anyway, came home tonight...cut my finger while making dinner. Of course. I knew it'd have to happen eventually here. I can't cook everyday and not eventually do that! (well, nearly everyday...).

Final thing...

I feel like my reading attention span has really died since I got to France. Perhaps it's also because of all the wonderful books I have already read...so nothing can compare...but, I can't concentrate on an English novel...can't keep with it and finish. I lose interest. Quickly. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that when reading French now I often stop to note something, look up a word...or just take a break. I have really lost that nice long attention span I used to have. How saddening...

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