Look at the time. Em, yes, it's Super Bowl time. Why is the story not as compelling this year? I know people were trying hard--trying to talk about terrorism chatter (which was more than compelling, slightly scary), trying to talk about Detroit's poverty levels (again, more scary than compelling)...

So I'm not watching the game. So it seems. Well, at least not at this moment, and hell, I don't like the Rolling Stones.

But, I will probably pop in from time to time to see if there's any good gaming going on. I still have an appreciation for that, though I am more excited by the upcoming Olympic Games than this year's Super Bowl, a pity really. What I love most about big football games are chips and guacamole and Coronas (with lime). Crass? Crude? Trash? Maybe...but, it's a perfect excuse to just chill with people. That's why World Cup is even better...because soccer (football) is even better than American football.

Anyway, today I did something I have not done in years. I finished my homework assignment for a particular class in a verrrry short amount of time. I opened my reader, read the assignment, finished it, then went to eat lunch. How does productivity work again? It was so odd. After I ate lunch and read the paper...I didn't know what to do with myself. So I came back and did more homework for another class. I finished that too. Now I suppose I could read for another class...or...("the horror! the horror!") start working on my thesis.

The choices, the choices.

In other news my family has been freaking out because I didn't speak with them in...two days! Augh. Seriously it's bothering the hell out of me. Other people go weeks without speaking to their family members, I need to check in, apparently, daily.

Here's an example of today's conversation:

Dad: LYLT, are you okay? I haven't spoken to you in weeks.
LYLT: It's been two days. I spoke with you the day before yesterday.
Dad: Well, last time we spoke, we didn't really speak.
LYLT: I'm busy, I've been trying to get a lot of things done. I'll call you later though.
Dad: What's going on? Are you okay? Is everything okay?

Yes, everything is okay.

I know in the above sample I may sound excessively annoyed for no reason. But frankly I have enough of family issues 24/7. I need a breather. I was starting to feel constricted, choked.

Everyone in this f*ckin' world wants me to move on so quickly, to deal with everything and to make perfect rational sense at every moment of every day. Sometimes, I would rather be my moody self, thank you very much. It's hard enough dealing with your own hopes and dreams. I hate supporting the hopes and dreams of others. Trying to make sure every other person in this world of mine is happy. The sad part is that there are not many people in my world anyway. Maybe that's why I avoid most social overtures in really oblique ways. I take everyone for a flake because half the time I can't commit to anything myself.

I bet you're glad I'm back.

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